Learn From Pedro

Let's talk about photography, Photoshop, color-grading. Or you can simply watch me doing my thing. You will have a few ho hour ( I talk a lot and forget about the time constantly) to pick my brains or watch me editing one of my (or yours) pictures or even solving the world’s greatest issues— your call.
Book it right now, while I am not famous and outrageously expensive… no, wait! :=)

  • One-on-One-on-Coffee ($500):

    • You, Me, cups of coffee ( don’t spill it on my computer, Dude!!!) for a couple of hours. We can talk about whatever you want, but I would rather talk about photography. Alternatively, you can watch me editing one of my images and ask your own question on the process.
      *Skype classes available too.

  • Hold My Lights ($650):

    • Want to see how the shenanigans happen? You now have the chance of being on set with me, the light ninja, Jeff Day (he claims to be my digital tech, but I can’t confirm I even know the man) and all the amazing people I work with.
      You will be right on set with us, hands on, while asking question and seeing how we do our sorcery.
      **Traveling and expenses…you guessed it… on you.