The Perfect Photo Session

The recipe for an amazing photo session is simple. Put together a half a decade of experience shooting for some of the biggest brands in the world; add insane levels of obsession wit getting the perfect shot. Don’t forget the top notch pro level gear quality that Pedro and Cobalt Studio deliver, and finish with having Portland Oregon and Dana Point, California, two of the most beautiful cities on the world, as our backyard.
Voi la, the perfect environment for amazing images is ready!


“OMG” What to Wear???

By far, the most asked question I receive from potential clients is “What should I wear?”
At Pedrontheworld Studio, the mantra is, “wear what makes you happy and comfortable.” I do love patterns and fancy dresses, but, Girl, you know what’s best for yah!
No matter if the session is going to be at our fully equipped Cobalt Studio, or at one of our breathtaking sights in Portland, Oregon or Orange County, California. The truth is, having a photo session is super fun, but also can make you break a sweat, and wearing something that makes you comfortable is the secret for an amazing session.